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Best ICOs By Numbers For Interested Investors Now

The popularity of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings is growing by leaps and bounds. Check out the top ICOs by numbers and the key parameters for choosing the best ICO.

It is a known fact that the Initial Coin Offerings are mostly unregulated in the present times. A wrong choice could lead to an investor incurring losses or becoming the victims in the hands of scammers.

So, it is crucial for the crypto enthusiasts to have a fine understanding of the ICOs to make sure that their investment is made in the best Initial Coin Offering. Ignorance is not always bliss as far as investing in an Initial Coin Offering is concerned.

There is little surprise that Ethereum tops the list. Although the cryptocurrency has witnessed slumps and has a current value of 185 USD, it still fetches higher returns as compared to the combined prices of Stratis and Spectrecoin. In case any person had purchased even 1 USD worth Ethereum when its ICO was launched, they can easily earn around 600 USD today.

The inclusion of Spectrecoin can be a surprise for some crypto enthusiasts. While it raised a meager amount of 15,000 USD as its capital, it managed to return 244 times of the ICO amount.

The performance of Stratis is even better and higher than NEO. If a person had invested about 1 USD during the ICO period of Stratis, they could be earning around 194 USD now, Bitcoinist wrote.

How To Invest In The Best ICO

A wannabe crypto investor should conduct an in-depth research on the ICOs before investing in one. A sound analysis will be helpful for investing in a good ICO.

It is also necessary to know the details of the projects that are already being run by the ICO in question to ascertain the best ICO. Also, the platforms or forums where such projects are discussed are also very important to determine a good ICO, according to CoinGape.

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