Beaxy Collaborates With OneMarketData To Launch A New Demo

Beaxy has recently made a secured partnership with OneMarketData, a leading exchange data provider that services legacy entities like Scottrade, Bloomberg, and Bank of America. Beaxy can now boost technology and service that hasn’t been seen before in the crypto space.

This partnership allows Beaxy to have 30 various order types supporting, and scalability beyond what other crypto exchanges can offer. Quantity is 333,000 transactions per second per pair and scales substantially further than that based on the number of pairs. Tentatively, Beaxy could upkeep the complete trading volume of the crypto space with such an engine.

Beaxy presents itself because the initial cryptocurrency exchange to place the expertise of the merchandise at the very best level of importance. Some key options of the exchange give 24/7 live client support, advanced order sorts as well as trailing & OSO, lifespan referral rewards program, multiple wallets per currency for high/medium/low-risk commercialism, loyalty program, staking program, instant re-script deposits, and distinctive commercialism pairs.

Artak Hamazaspyan, business executive of Beaxy, describes his approach in building this exchange by stating that the corporate traders by itself and its expertise with crypto exchanges were dangerous across the board. The company tend to go into the crypto communities and took their experiences and ours, and tried to create a more robust exchange from that.

Beaxy was aware that it could design the best exchange than what was currently out. It even incorporated technology and features from stock exchanges because they have been working well for decades.

About Beaxy

Beaxy aims to create the ultimate all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange and a user experience that is unmatched. Lifetime referral rewards, coin staking loyalty program, instant FIAT deposits, charting inside the exchange, are just some of the ways the exchange stands out from other platforms.

According to the Payment Journal, Beaxy may look interesting, however, their charges and platform itself do not seem like anything that will revolutionize the market.

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