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Bank Of Baroda Appoints Blockchain Experts For Development

Blockchain technology is making its way in the Indian market rapidly. It is not just being accepted by the MNC’s but has also started making a technological transformation in the government sector. The recent update came from the public sector bank, Bank of Baroda, which is hiring blockchain specialists for the development of their system. It was notified through a recruitment advertisement in a newspaper which stated that the candidate needs to have 3 to 8 years of experience in this technology.

According to Crypto News, it is stated that the position of blockchain expert is based out of Baroda which is the head office location of the bank. In addition to this, the description states that the candidate has to recognize and assess convincing business cases for the encryption based technology and carry out an analysis of the operational methods in the bank.

Apart from the development side, the candidate also will have to work on blockchain-based business strategies, models and present their commercial feasibility. The prospective candidate will be responsible for carrying out discussions with the potential vendors of the bank in the future. The blockchain expert will get to work on both the technical and management side.

Along with this, the candidate will get the chance to engage in the bankchain consortium representing Bank of Baroda. This consortium is a blockchain coalition of the banks across the country in which State Bank of India is one of the front-runners.

What Does This Opportunity Bring In?

This brings in a wonderful opportunity for the candidates who have begun working on this transformational technology. This role defines impeccable designing of the system for efficient operation methods replacing the conventional banking system practices.

Bank of Baroda has already announced earlier this year that they will be soon implementing blockchain, robotics and, artificial intelligence in their systems. It seems to have begun now.


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