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Azarus To Develop Blockchain Technology-based “Smart Challenge” Platform

Azarus is a groundbreaking new game challenge network who wants to develop a platform called blockchain technology-based “Smart Challenge” platform. The network has secured $1.8 Million in a funding round for the development of the platform. Gamers can compete for digital assets in casual gaming challenges. They can’t just compete in the casual gaming challenges, but they can compete for the digital assets in competitive gaming challenges.

The platform will use in-game applications programming interface (API) data and information for players motivation. Victory conditions will be measured in online games. Both victors and their fans will be rewarded. Users can create their own rules through the platform. They can’t just create their own rules, but they can also create their own challenges through the platform.

It is stated that some well-known investors took part in the funding round. Galaxy EOS VC Fund, Kleiner Perkins, and SVK Crypto are the investors.

Blockchain technology is ledger technology. It provides features like transparency and security.

The groundbreaking new game challenge network Azarus was set up in 2018. Game industry veterans like Alex Casassovici, Erik Whiteford, and Andrew Lacy are the founders of Azarus. The Azarus team has a deep business understanding of mobile services, cloud services, and VR devices. Madden Football, NBA 2K, James Bond, Harry Potter, and World of Tanks are the game brands which the Azarus team endures.

Azarus is located in San Francisco, California, the United States. It is stated that both gamers and streamers can interact with each other in unprecedented ways through the network, according to CrunchBase.

Innovations like cryptocurrency and supply chain security are powered through the blockchain technology, VentureBeat reported.

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