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Axis Mutual Fund Core Unearths With The Womb’s Campaign

The Womb launched a campaign after a laborious strategic assessment to unearth Axis Mutual Fund core, with an objective to position the AMC as “the responsible mutual fund.”

The Axis MF’s creative agency broke with a huge internal program, reaches out through TV and outdoor, and will end with a continuous distributor campaign.

The MF industry is growing at a fast speed, and Axis Mutual Fund is witnessing a healthy growth, said Rohan Padhye, Vice President – Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing, Axis AMC.

While AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) is performing an outstanding job in creating awareness and importance for the fund house’s category, The Womb has proved its working ability on Axis AMC’s creative expressions as well as on the strategic direction, Padhye stated while commenting on the new campaign.

The Womb’s team worked with the fund house’s team, distributors and investors with a focused aim to bring out Axis Mutual Fund core, he added.

According to Navin Talreja, Founder of The Womb, the new campaign was one of the most difficult tasks to pull off. He feels proud that the complete top management team had the essential skill, integrity, and patience to get the alignment. The brand is now making an attitudinal and behavioral commitment to the wider world, he said.

The Womb always tries and thinks beyond the category codes of communication, and it was the case even for Axis MF, said Suyash Khabya, Creative Partner of The Womb. “Responsibility” is letting people enjoy without making them ever feel that they are in any sort of risk or danger, Khabya added.

Any Asset Management Company talking about returns would not truly set it apart, however, an AMC that talks about “responsible risk management” would, said Kawal Shoor, Founder of The Womb, during the campaign.

In fact, that was the thought that led The Womb to unearth Axis Mutual Fund core and position the AMC as “the responsible mutual fund,” said Shoor, according to AdAge India.

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