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Autonomous Vehicles To Fight Issue of Global Warming

CyClean, which is passionately involved in the making of the autonomous vehicles, aims to fight the issue of global warming and wants to give a solution to it.

By combining the blockchain and cryptocurrency software enabled in the electric-powered vehicles alongside other products such as bicycles and solar panels, the company wants to gradually campaign towards reducing the emissions and contributing in the process of making a clean environment. It claims that the way of emission won’t waste an enormous amount of electricity and has a long-term use of the company products to combat environmental issues.

As far as the users’ reward is concerned, NullTX says that the said rewards may be based on the number of users who would travel the furthest distance for that particular day. Whereas, the rewards for the electric bikers and solar panel users will be a tad different as rewarding those users is quite straightforward.

This concept of autonomous vehicles and cryptocurrency mining altogether is not proposed for the first time as last year one user was successful in turning his car into a full-fledged digital currency mining rig. He somehow managed to insert a GPU mining rig in his car trunk that would work with car’s battery power to mine Bitcoin even during the time when the vehicle is not running.

In the transport sector, road vehicles such as bikes, trucks, buses, and cars are the largest contributors of carbon dioxide in comparison to boats, trains, and planes. Hence, at present, there has been a challenge worldwide to insert as much as electric vehicles as possible on the roads.

This latest project autonomous vehicles from the house of CyClean has a wonderful offer for the riders. Besides, a plenty of interesting changes has started taking place in the world of crypto mining over the last few years.

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