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Australian Crypto Exchanges Trying To Establish Legitimacy In Crypto Trading

The Australian crypto exchanges are trying to establish legitimacy in crypto trading and building the crypto ecosystem. Of late, the crypto market has been going through a rough patch with prices falling and the assets straddling the lines between traditional finance and new technology.

The lack of regulation in the crypto space indicates that many funds can’t justify risking their capital by investing in cryptocurrency assets. Crypto exchanges that facilitate people to sell and buy cryptocurrencies are among the leading advocates for a more comprehensive regulatory framework.

The U.S.-based Gemini crypto exchange, for instance, announced this week its plans of launching a regulatory approved cryptocurrency that’s pegged to the U.S. dollar. At the same time, activity amongst the Australian crypto exchanges can also be seen to be ramping up.

The head of institutional investment, Coinjar, Jordan Michaelides said that crypto trading volumes of the exchange reached $1.4 billion in the first half of 2018. However, a spokesperson belonging to the corporate regulator, ASIC was circumspect on how much volume is actually moving through the marketplace.

ASIC has been largely focusing on dodgy initial coin offerings (ICOs). However, the spokesperson added that parts of the market still operate outside of the regulatory scope. The spokesperson further said that much of the cryptocurrency activity is either regulated only in parts or completely unregulated.

AUSTRAC, the federal government’s intelligence agency also monitors the Australian crypto market. Since April 3 digital currency exchange providers are required to register online with AUSTRAC to meet AML/CTF obligations. Crypto exchanges need to now identify and verify the identities of their customers. They are also expected to report to AUSTRAC any suspicious activities or transactions involving physical currency of $10,000 or more, as stated in the official site.

Independent Reserve CEO, Adrian Przelozny and Michaelides mentioned that their respective crypto exchanges have met the AUSTRAC crypto trading obligations in accordance with federal legislation. They did so after the new compliance rules were set up in April, as mentioned in the Business Insider report.

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