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Asteroid Mining, NASA And Global Blockchain Technology: How Are They Interconnected?

Global blockchain technology is ruling the international market as of now with its rapid adoption in almost all the major commercial sectors. The ledger technology is undoubtedly ruling the finance sector and making its way to other non-commercial areas which are more relying on research and development.

One such acquisition has opened new doors for blockchain in asteroid mining and space research programs. ConsenSys Inc. renowned blockchain software technology firm has officially acquired Planetary Resources which is US based asteroid mining company. The entire acquisition has been done through an asset-purchase transaction.

Global blockchain technology has been ruling the marketing with emerging companies like ConsenSys Inc. It has been working on several multinational projects across the world based on innovative blockchain solutions, products, services, and test cases. Ethereum Co-founder and ConsenSys Founder Joe Lubin stated that he is a great admirer of Planetary Resources for the reasons that they have world-class talent and record of innovation. The combination of these two ecosystems is going to decentralizing space endeavors and unlocks untapped human potential. (Via Planetary Resources)

NASA In The Loop

Planetary Resources’ President Chris Lewicki was formerly employed by reputed aeronautics and aerospace research agency NASA in their Jet Propulsion Laboratory as Flight Director of the distinguished programs like Phoenix Mars lander and Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers. His deep insight knowledge of the domain has helped Planetary Resources to raise more than $50 million in investments. Planetary Resources’ was founded way back in 2009 as Arkyd Astronautics, the company precisely works on the discovery and refining of wherewithal from asteroids as mentioned by Cointelegraph.

The asteroid mining has on-boarded several known celebs of space industry one of them is Eric Anderson, who is the co-founder and chairman of space tourism company Space Adventures. The precise global blockchain applications which will be rolled out in the space research are yet to be aligned with the projects. ConsenSys Inc. will operate the initiatives from their Redmond, WA based facility.

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