Asia Embraces The Wave Of Revolutionary Blockchain Technology

With rapid advancements being made in blockchain technology in 2019, Asia is gearing up for a massive acceleration in its blockchain advancements. In recent weeks, major events have taken place that have the potential to catapult Asia into a powerhouse for this kind of tech. The Binance Blockchain Week is one of them. It is a four-day event that is running in Singapore from 19th – 22nd January that shall bring together crypto-entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all around the world. It shall mark the presence of the biggest players in blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is an attempt to unify leaders in this domain to bring forth innovative solutions. Various challenges and issues faced by the crypto world are to be discussed in this event.

Over 50 ingenious entrepreneurs and visionaries in blockchain technology are said to attend the event. The motive is to seek newer, effective ways to tackle the ongoing hurdles in the domain and to ponder over the current trends that could affect the future of crypto technology. This event is hosted by the cryptocurrency giant – Binance that operates the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume. While this event certainly has enough momentum to ignite revolutionary blockchain developments this year, the advancements in Asia aren’t limited to this, according to a report by Ethereum World News.

Events of great financial magnitude have also occurred in Asia’s blockchain technology scenario. Tangem, which produces blockchain smart card wallets, has raised the US $15M for developments in mass adoption of this technology. While crypto tech is constantly under the stimulus of such growth, the financing powerhouses are still reluctant to invest in blockchain ventures. Tangem has managed to raise this amount from SBI Crypto Investments in Tokyo, Japan to further its aim of making blockchain technology a common everyday-phenomenon, according to a report by PRNewswire.

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