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Arcade Distillery’s Blockchain Game Features Online Ethereum Marketplace

Arcade Distillery is coming out with a new blockchain game on PlayStation 4 console which will feature online Ethereum marketplace. Titled Plague Hunters, the game from the video game developer studio passed the review process of Sony as well as the terms and conditions of PlayStation recently. Incidentally, it is the first game on the console to utilize blockchain technology.

Video games based on blockchain are nothing new. Already, CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, and oxUniverse have shown how this technology can be used for handling certain types of video games. Interestingly, gamers also love to own their digital assets which these blockchain-based video games make possible.

At present, Gods Unchained and CryptoKitties are the most consistent games running on Ethereum platform to get huge traffic. These games are a hot favorite especially with the gamers who prefer gaming on console more than playing them on a PC. So the PC gamers may not even have an idea about the existence of such games.

According to the chief creative officers at Arcade Distillery, Liam Glennon this blockchain game is the sequel of its Plague Road game which became highly successful on the platform of PlayStation. Plague Road helped the video game developer to create a strong fan base that regularly comes on the console of Sony for their games. The sequel allows the gamers to build an army of hunters, train them and prepare them for battle on the blockchain-based marketplace alongside other players, reported Arcade Distillery.

Plague Hunters will be free to play and will allow the players to create characters using the available customized abilities. Players can form parties along with the other players, move across the barren stretch of wasteland and acquire various abilities, skills, and assets, reported ETH News.

Blockchain game sometimes causes scaling issues due to which Arcade Distillery decided not to develop the entire game on the blockchain platform. Its online marketplace running on ETH platform will utilize non-fungible tokens representing digital asset owned by a gamer and not by the developer. It will allow the players to buy, trade, and sell the different assets in the game including fully-developed characters.

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