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Aquaoin ICO (AQN Token) India’s First Water Blockchain Project Announced

The very first drinking water project based on blockchain technology has been announced for Indian citizens. The revolutionary technology is being adopted by several sectors for improvising their systems. The water woes and scarcity have called in the need for a new innovative method for rebuilding the needs. This project will unveil a chemical-free platform and is titled as Aquaoin.

What Does Aquaoin Stands For?

This platform is a fine connection between blockchain solutions and packaged drinking water industry. This system will be building world-class sustainable and trustworthy infrastructure in India. The company aims to offer wide-ranging technology solutions for conversion of salty water to pure drinking water. The technology ensures a safe and chemical free clean water for drinking. It is said that the system is able to purify all the levels of water which is considered as a boon for the direct users.

Aquaoin is dedicated to offer uncontaminated and reusable water with zero chemicals. This has been done by achieving extensive research in blockchain technology. The idea is not just to make clean water available to everyone but also at a fair price rate. For the future prospects, the company is aiming to create a water-based highly developed machinery and technology irrespective of the location. This seems to be an optimal solution in the Indian context.

According to Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the company is also planning on an ICO which will facilitate investors to stake tokens. The funds accumulated will be used in the funding of the upcoming recycling projects. The investors will be allowed to make a contribution to resolve water chaos that is there for decades. In return for this, investors will be paid for their contributions. Around 63.7% tokens have already been issues in the presale.

Bitcoin, the extremely popular blockchain based digital asset is a big example of how the preference of investors is getting modified. Perhaps, this new initiative will set a milestone in the field of water conservation.


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