Apple’s Co-Founder Wozniak To Discuss Blockchain Technology At CIS

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, will now discuss his views on blockchain technology at the Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) to be held between October 19 and 25 this year. The team of Women of Crypto, StartEngine Summit, UCLA, Expert Dojo, and USC has come together to organize this summit in Los Angeles. The organizers are issuing passes to attend the All official LA Blockchain week events.

The recent few moves by Wozniak have been quite surprising because the erstwhile partner of Steve Jobs called blockchain technology a bubble at the start of this year. No one thought that he will be interested in this technology. He always favored Bitcoin (BTC) referring it to be “just amazing” and Ethereum (ETH) as a project having a life beyond the hype. But Wozniak never showed his inclination towards blockchain. So his acceptance to attend the CIS as a speaker on October 22 came as a surprise to many in the blockchain space.

Wozniak now seems to be in the mood to support blockchain technology as just recently he joined Equi, a blockchain startup. The entrance of Wozniak in blockchain market is being considered as a very positive thing. According to him, Equi will not be a fake digital currency that will pump and dump. Wozniak says that Equi will be used for real-world purposes. Equi will sell shares of stocks in various companies as well as tokenize assets from prominent fields including real estate, says Use The Bitcoin.

Commenting on his involvement in Equi, Wozniak said that his approach is not similar to something phony or new virtual currency where suddenly its value will grow up. According to him, it’s like a share of stock in a company.

Apart from Steve Wozniak, some other incredible speakers are going to talk on blockchain technology at the summit, says Block Explorer. These include Rodney Samson form Opportunity, investor Tim Draper, Former SEC Chairman Christopher Cox, Crystal Rose from Sense, David Bleznak from Totle, Matt Lesin from Bloomberg and more.

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