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Apple Orders Coinbase To Remove Crypto Game From Coinbase App For iOS

Apple has recently ordered Coinbase to remove its crypto game War Riders from the App Store for iOS. The game was detached for not respecting the terms of Apple’s in-app acquisitions. War Riders, a crypto-collection game in the Coinbase Wallet app, has been detached from the app following orders from Apple. Apple has accepted the move by noting how the game fundamentally avoided the in-app purchasing structure that Apple maintains. The game still remains on the Android platform, however.

Apple has factually taken a careful approach when dealing with crypto. While Apple lets wallet applications, it does not let wallet apps which permit customers to buy, sell or trade crypto in the app.

Following an update to its Coinbase app review, Apple has openly stopped the development and design of iOS applications which can be used for straight cryptocurrency mining. Still, off-device cloud-based mining is not pretentious by the changes. One of Apple’s main problem dealt with the possible energy usage of mining apps. In their guidelines, Apple made a point to aim at energy worries at app developers. As per the news published in Bitcoinist, it looks like that in spite of its current trillion-dollar valuation, Apple is still uncertain to get its feet wet in the crypto world.

According to Viktor Radchenko, CEO of Trust Wallet, experience with Apple is just dreadful as there is no communication from there on how to work with NFT’s or even with cryptocurrencies yet, in Apple’s app store review guidelines, there’s no exact language unfriendly NFTs exactly. Radchenko further stated that Apple has shown they are prohibited under its “In-App Purchase” rules.

War Riders’ a Coinbase app where players use an ERC20 token called benzene (or BZN) within the game as money. The game is functioned as a more traditional cryptocurrency outside the game, but players that obtain the token in the game must use their vehicles to securely get the BZN back to their garage in order to use it in the real world as stated in CoinDesk

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