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Amsterdam Airport Facilitates Swapping Of Leftover Euros For Crypto

Amsterdam airport, Schiphol, has offered departing travellers an entirely new service, which will help them to easily swap their leftover Euros for cryptocurrency, if required. This offers travellers the ease of access to the entire leftover money exchange issue and saves them the hassle and worry of what to do with the leftover local currency.

This is a common issue faced by a lot of travellers across the globe especially when they are leaving a country while still in possession of the local currency. In such circumstances, travellers may try to exchange the local currency in lieu of their home country currency, but that’s not always feasible in the departing country.

Amsterdam airport now offers its travellers the ease of access to the leftover money by installing a bitcoin ATM. This makes it feasible to now exchange leftover euros for ethereum or bitcoin. This welcome initiative taken by Schiphol airport solves the entire money exchange chaos.

The airport administration officially made this announcement of their new service available at the airport, this Wednesday. They further mentioned that presently they are evaluating the existing demand for the two major cryptocurrencies amongst travellers. As reported by Money Control, Schiphol has announced a six month trial basis for this new initiative.

Amsterdam airport has always been looking for new ways of innovation in order to optimize the services they offer to their passengers. The director of Consumer Products & Services at the airport, Tanja Dik, mentioned that with the bitcoin ATM they hope to facilitate easy exchange of local euros for bitcoin, ethereum, and cryptocurrencies. He further adds that this initiative will be quite useful as it is not possible to spend euros in the home country of the travellers. The bitcoin ATM also accepts euro bills. It is located in the corridor to Departure Halls 1 and 2 and in the Arrival Hall 2.

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