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American Health Insurance Firm To Launch AI Platform Backed By Blockchain

American health insurance firm Anthem is partnering with AI specialist firm The two organizations will be collaborating to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) data trial built on the blockchain.

Reports claim that the trial begins in August and will last for the coming year. The purpose here will be to examine the feasibility of using AI to project the likeliness of diseases and allergies. Hit Infrastructure reports that the trial will leverage an innovation from the Harvard Medical School based on machine learning.

This is probably one of the first instances of blockchain being drawn into the healthcare field with artificial intelligence. Healthcare based on blockchain is financially attuned. Firms are also incorporating blockchain into aspects of healthcare to raise the bar for business efficiency.

Adding AI to blockchain can give patients greater power over their data and empower predictive analysis techniques as well. IBM has also shown enthusiasm for consolidating blockchain and AI innovations into its business. IBM Watson teamed up with the CDC before the end of the last year to integrate AI and blockchain.

As medicinal services gather more information, it winds up hard dealing with everything without the assistance of AI. More information is being imparted to the blockchain, which drives the requirement to process information rapidly.

Healthcare associations that are thinking about embracing blockchain ought to have utilized a layered way to deal with executing the innovation. The HIMSS Blockchain Workgroup has been looking into how to sensibly actualize blockchain in medicinal services over the previous year.

HIMSS recommended a four-layer way to deal with develop blockchain framework. This includes the sharing of data across networks, enhanced efficiency in transactions and the use of cryptocurrencies to facilitate the entire transaction.

Commenting on the use of blockchain in healthcare structures, Shahram Ebadollahi, the Chief Science Officer of IBM Watson Health had this to say: “Blockchain is very useful when there are so many actors in the system. It enables the ecosystem of data in healthcare to have more fluidity, and AI allows us to extract insights from the data.”


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