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AMBER Laboratory First Blockchain Powered Lab Of Future Technology

The future technology aka blockchain has received its first university-based education and research laboratory in the Philippines. The Ateneo de Manila University and health-tech startup MediXServe in a joint collaboration launched AMBERLab, which is the research hub of emerging blockchain technology. The nomenclature AMBERLab stands for “Ateneo-MediXserve Blockchain Education and Research Laboratory”.

AMBERLab was inaugurated on Monday, October 22, 2018, in the Philippines seeking to offer a place for a blockchain think tank and studies. The technological advancements in the field of the distributed ledger will be used in the development of startup and various initiatives that will put forth in the private sector. The main objective of this lab is not to make profits but to empower nation-building through the training of coders and IT programmers. The budding generation of engineers will be trained to become world-class innovators in developing solutions that focus on crucial societal needs.

The head of the lab Dr. Regina Estuar stated that their efforts are more concentrated towards the social good aspects dealing with sectors like agriculture and health.

She further added that AMBERLab will work on the future technology blockchain and how it can be used for the development of the nation as mentioned by Rappler.

Dr. Maria Luz Vilches, who is the Vice President of the Loyola Schools, said during the launch of AMBERLab that the best part of this collaboration is that it doesn’t focus on the monetary aspect but their purpose is to defeat poverty. It is an extremely ambitious goal and the team will try to keep on getting at it.

Blockchain Technology For A Layman

Blockchain technology in simple words is nothing but a record-keeping technology in a network which is immutable and secured. The data, transaction, and records are verified from anywhere within the network. Thanks to the distributed data-based technology which makes it a mass collaboration possible in its case as noted by Ateneo.

The future technology blockchain is currently in its developmental phase and already being picked up widely across the globe. This certainly is wonderful news for blockchain enthusiasts.

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