AmaZix Partnerships With Iconiq Holding To Support Blockchain and Best Digital Asset Management

To support blockchain and best digital asset management, Iconiq Holding, the team behind the world’s first decentralized venture capital group Iconiq Lab that declared an intentional partnership with the world’s leading community management and engagement firm AmaZix. The partnership further shows that Iconiq Holding’s commitment to its own group’s progression and improves its capability to connect the outdated investment space and cryptocurrency economy. AmaZix’s efforts in founding quality standards are further established through this relationship.

Through AmaZix, the world-renowned community engagement platform, the company will be able to lay additional bricks to the bridge that are been structuring building between crypto and out-of-date monetary institutional markets.

According to Iconiq Holding CEO, Patrick Lowry Iconiq, holding its dream of generating one of the best digital asset management ecosystems by reaching the correct audience. AmaZix, like Iconiq Holding, is a Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange partner company and has worked with BANCOR and GoChain. Both AmaZix and Iconiq follow severe due diligence procedures. The collaboration is set to establish fresh standards of excellence in a developing crypto economy. This collaboration extends to the companies of Iconiq Lab, who can now benefit from world-class community engagement and building strategies provided by AmaZix.

AmaZix CEO, Jonas Karlberg, says that its an honor for people at AmaZix to arrive into this beneficial partnership with Iconiq Holding’s Patrick Lowry and his brilliant team who are at the head of decentralized venture capital.

As per the news published in PR Newswire, the AmaZix team will start integrating themselves into the Iconiq community in September 2018 whereby an extensive community of more than 100,000 individuals across each social channel that will be cooperatively managed by AmaZix and the Iconiq C-level management team.

About Iconiq Holding

Iconiq Holding is structuring the best digital asset management ecosystem, creating trusted financial vehicles and business chances for investors in the blockchain market, driven by the ICNQ token. Iconiq Holding propelled the world’s first decentralized venture capital club, Iconiq Lab, and a Sponsor Firm of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX).

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