Altcoin Fantasy To Educate Players About Real-World Cryptocurrency Market

Fortunes were lost when the Bitcoin bubble popped. Near the end of 2017, one unit of the digital currency had been worth US$17,900. Just 52 days later, its value had stopped by 65 percent, with other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash—suffering similar shudders. Anyone who had decanted their dollars into cryptocurrency market at the height of its publicity lost huge amounts of money.

However as per Vancouver software engineer Tom Chan, his friends and family had invested in the currencies at the worst time and then decided to put his knowledge of the gaming industry to work, he then made a virtual trading game undistinguishable to the real-world crypto market in the hope that users would think disapprovingly and educate themselves before placing cash investments.

In Chan’s opinion, it’s significant that individuals begin to get contented with considerate cryptocurrency market and blockchain, particularly because it’s his confidence that the technology will finally reinforce some of the world’s most significant services.

The game, named Altcoin Fantasy, is simple to play and it has been made so that people make sure their money is safe and they don’t keep losing money in a risk-free method. As per Straight news, an individual who signs up to the free website or app chooses an in-game contest to join. Every aspiring trader starts out with US$100,000 and is able to purchase any cryptocurrency or ICO token that they wish.

As of now, there are 2,000 coins where people are ready to invest all are tagged with presentation graphs and info about their special characteristics or the products that they are tied to. As per info stated in Altcoin Fantasy website, Altcoin Fantasy is a crypto game to educate users about the cryptocurrency market. By making a fun and thrilling crypto game to take part in contests. The prizes here are ranging from real-world crypto like Bitcoin or Ethereum to subscriptions for trading analysis tools.

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