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All You Need To Know About Cryptopay Prepaid Card And BuyNow

Cryptopay is a UK-based company that was founded in October 2013. It is the brain-child of George Basiladze and Dmitry Gunyashov. Both the founders have extensive knowledge of financial and payment systems. It is designed as a wallet and payment platform for merchants and consumers to trade with each other, while they are backed by new bitcoin payment protocol. It has offices located in London, Lisbon and St. Petersburg. Their services and products are not just limited to European countries, but they can be used globally.

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Cryptopay allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with a bank card, offers you a Cryptopay wallet and easy transaction to your bank account.

With this platform you can also;

  • Send, receive, store and exchange BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC
  • Buy and withdraw cryptocurrencies to your personal SEBA bank account
  • Open a corporate account and accept payments in bitcoins from your customers
  • Provide plastic and virtual prepaid card to ease access to cryptocurrencies for everyday life

Cryptopay Bitcoin Prepaid Card

Cryptopay Prepaid Card literally means that it is a prepaid card that can be topped up instantly by converting funds in your Cryptopay Bitcoin account to EUR, GBP and USD. This can be used anywhere that accepts regular prepaid cards.

There are two types of Cryptopay prepaid cards;

  • Plastic cards that can be used for ATM withdrawals or offline purchasing using POS. You can order a plastic card for €15/$15/£15.
  • Virtual cards are typically for online shopping and account verification. You can order a virtual Cryptopay card for €2.50/£2.50/$2.50.

About ‘BuyNow’

One of the latest features introduced by Cryptopay is ‘BuyNow’. The philosophy behind this product consists of three main aspects:

  1. Profitable (no hidden fees and profitable rates)
  2. Easy (only 1 document and card)
  3. Fast (2 minutes verification)


Process buy to crypto


The process to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum has been made easy and can be carried out in a few simple steps:

  1. To buy BTC or buy ETH, enter the amount and the respective BTC and Ethereum address.
  2. The next step is phone verification, a code will be sent to you via SMS that needs to be entered in the corresponding field.
  3. The last step is identity verification. It requires you to fill your applicant data, upload your proof of identity (any government-issued identification document) and take a selfie with the same ID document such that it is clearly visible and doesn’t hide your face.
  4. Once the verification is done, you can enter your card details to finish your purchase.
  5. Users can also verify through Telegram Passport.

Cryptopay is growing at a faster rate to give the customers a smooth and hassle-free way to buy BTC and ETH, and also, trade other altcoins like XRP and LTC on their platform.

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