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Alibaba Group Platform Management Announces Of Introducing Blockchain Technology

Alibaba Group Platform Management has made an announcement of introducing blockchain technology. The main purpose of introducing the blockchain is to upgrade an intellectual property protection system. Providing better intellectual services to enterprises at a global level is also a purpose behind the system upgrade. Small-sized enterprises can benefit from these better intellectual services. Not only the small-sized enterprises can benefit, but also medium-sized enterprises can benefit from these better intellectual services.

Ali uses transparency and inability in order to be in the process of the intellectual property rights filing upgrade for blockchain modification. Firstly, it will use the blockchain in the original protection. It will then expand the blockchain into digital copyright protection.

The financial grade commercial blockchain technology of a tech company called Ant Financial Group is introduced. The technology received an award titled, “World’s Leading Internet Technology Achievements” during the World Internet Conference in the year 2018. 15 technologies were also awarded and some of the technologies are Amazon Amazon SageMaker, and Microsoft Azure Sphere.

A new “gold standard” is set up at the international level. It can be used to solve online intellectual property infringement issues. It is set up on account of Internet technology and multi-party governance strategies usage. The Luxury Law Alliance is a connected network for luxury lawyers who gave an award to Alibaba in the year 2019. The award titled, the “Intellectual Property Protection and Technology Innovation Award”. “World Trademark Review” is an intellectual property protection authority who has also awarded Ali in the year 2019.

Alibaba Group is an information technology and services company located in Hangzhou, a city in China. Making business an easy-to-do anywhere is a mission of Alibaba Group. The fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach are provided for helping merchants and brands. They are also provided for helping other businesses which offer products, services, and digital content. The company consists of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation initiatives, etc. It takes participation in the logistics and local services sectors with the help of investee affiliates, according to the official LinkedIn account of Alibaba Group.

Ali Intellectual Property Protection Platform (IPP Platform) facilitates electronic deposits in connecting with the Internet Court using the blockchain technology. A basis for litigation rights protection is offered, Sohu reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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