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Akon’s ‘Crypto Wakanda’ Is Coming

Akon has publicized strategy to put up a “real-life Wakanda” in Senegal, built on the back of his nearly-named after cryptocurrency, Akoin. Which – as anybody who has watched Black Panther, and seen Marvel’s imagined city, will appreciate – sounds rather magical?

The administration shows to agree: the 41-year-old told masses at Cannes Lions on Monday he had been gifted a not flimsy 2,000 acres of land to begin the project off.

But apparently, neither Senegal nor Akon have their possess supply of vibranium – the imaginary metal which gave Wakanda its riches and authority – and cities don’t come cheap.

Where precisely is this real-life Wakanda?

It is indistinct. The BBC has tried to contact the government and Akon’s envoys to discover out more about the contribution – to no avail.

Though, we can try to identify these 2,000 acres – the equivalent of 2,000 football fields – by what Akon’s own website tells us: it is within five minutes of the latest international airport, and a short drive from the capital, Dakar.

Which sounds very much like he may be conversing about Diamniadio, the new city currently under development? The idea for the new city was first revealed about three years ago and is a fraction of President Macky Sall’s wider scheme to invigorate Senegal’s financial system.

What about this cryptocurrency?

Akoin – the singer’s cryptocurrency – will be at the hub of the city’s transactional life, according to the Coin Desk report. But more than that, it will be recognized as steady currency alternative all through Africa. It brings the power back to the individuals and fetches the safety back into the currency system, Akon enlightened at Cannes Lions on Monday. It also allows the populace to utilize it in customs where they can advance themselves and not permit the government to do those things that are observance them down. However, when it comes to the particulars, he confessed he left the technologist to outline it out.

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