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Airsoft Collaborates With PumaPay For Crypto Trading Payment Procedure

Airsoft Technologies has recently announced its collaboration with PumaPay. The teamwork is part of the company’s mission to enlarge its scope in the crypto trading platform. Airsoft is a blockchain platform that provides an open source billing procedure via which merchants can develop payments made in computer-generated currencies.

The chief reason that involved Airsoft to PumaPay is the PullPayment Protocol. As per to the deal, Airsoft will accept both the protocol as well as the PMA cryptocurrency token as one of the expense approaches available to its customers. Besides, these new services will improve the transparency and equity to Airsoft’s organization that also requires to fulfill with the legal necessities. Regarding this, Airsoft stated that its users will take the advantage from a new means of making deposits and removals and that the PMA token will allow them to increase their crypto trading portfolio. The PumaPay billing protocol is created to overcome the limitations of present blockchain payment solutions.

According to Yoav Dror, the CEO of Decentralized Vision, Airsoft being one of their early adopters. He added that the teamwork would offer a road for the introduction of the PumaPay solution to a greater customer in the monetary services sector. Yoav also mentioned that the deal was an important step towards the company’s dream of offering a flexible alternative to fiat payments options, as stated in the Medium blog post of PumaPay.

AirSoft, which offers online Forex and CFDs trading competencies, sees crypto trading as the ‘next huge thing’ Particularly, airsoft was one of the business pioneers in providing a web-based forex and CFDs trading platform. Shay Benhamou, AirSoft CEO stated that Airsoft has established itself as a foremost technology provider in the industry over the past years and as per Finance Magnates, it has been able to grow its customer base due to always looking ahead of the curve and providing its customers with the ‘next big thing.’

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