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Air Canada Signs Line of Intent With Swiss Startup Winding Tree To Develop Travel Distribution Platform

Air Canada recently signed a Line of Intent (LoI) with Winding Tree, which is a startup company from Switzerland to develop travel distribution platform. Air Canada will participate in the decentralized and blockchain-based open-source platform built by Winding Tree.

The current travel distribution is quite complex which deters new entrants and puts a break to the chances of innovation in the sale and distribution of air travel products. This is where Winding Tree wants to contribute. The Swiss startup intends to introduce a solution to eliminate such complexities from the travel industry by developing the distribution and decentralized platform that will offer greater access to the inventory coming directly from suppliers.

The Director of Global Product Distribution for Air Canada Keith Wallis said, “We are pleased to be participating with Winding Tree in this innovative project for a new travel distribution channel. As Canada’s largest airline and a global leader in innovative airline distribution solutions, Air Canada recognizes the importance of leveraging this next generation technology.” Wallis explained that his company is planning to integrate Direct Connect API of Air Canada with the public blockchain platform of Winding Tree to give the blockchain tech-savvy users an ability to access the company’s content directly.

Discussing details about the travel distribution platform, the Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Winding Tree Pedro Anderson said that Air Canada is the first North American carrier to tie-up with the public blockchain platform of Winding Tree showing to the world that it is the real leader when it comes to innovation.

He further added that his company is very much excited with this valuable collaboration for creating an ideal developer experience and based on the ongoing feedback from Air Canada that can build an open environment for facilitating travel distribution, Cision reported.

According to Cointelegraph, similar to the travel distribution platform launch from Winding Tree and Air Canada, many airline companies are gearing up to integrate blockchain technology in their regular operations for improving the experience of the travelers and also to advance logistics and supply chains.

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