Advertiza ICO: Company Plans To Launch Its Mobile App

Advertiza ICO is all set to launch a mobile app in the third quarter of this year. The ICO presents an opportunity for the investors to invest in the company.

Advertiza is a digital advertising company which has worked with many small and medium companies. The platform is known to provide an affordable advertising place. Digital advertising has been a very important part of the marketing techniques used by the companies. It not only provides a way to create the awareness of the product but also promotes the brand.

Advertiza targets small and medium-sized companies. For SME, it is very important to create a name for their brand. With the help of digital advertising, these companies can create a niche for themselves. With the help of advertising, these companies can market their product at a cheaper cost.

Advertiza ICO is a very unique change for investors to invest in the company. Founder of the company, Jabu Masombuka, states that he is working in narrowing the gap in the advertising sector. In advertising, SME was not taking part because of the high cost of advertising. With the help of lower cost advertising, these companies can promote their products and gain the trust of buyers. In the past, many business users used to stay away from digital advertising because it was a costlier medium. Even advertising on radio, TV, or newspaper was of higher expenses for companies.

Advertiza ICO Offering

As a result of which, Advertiza ICO is a chance for the company to develop their own mobile application. According to a report published in IT Web, the company believes that the ICO is the most attractive way to raise funds. With the application, Advertiza hopes to create a more affordable platform. In the sale, investors can buy crypto-currency, called as Tiazcoin. Similarly, there is a smart contract which will help in securing the agreement.

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