Adam And Tim Draper Unravel Blockchain Info; Discuss Landscape And Biggest Problems In Technology

Billionaire Tim and his son Adam Draper recently discussed blockchain info and developments in the field during an interview. The tech-savvy duo discussed the growing and the biggest problems in the blockchain space as well as its landscape. Known as the early supporters of Bitcoin (BTC), both Tim and  Adam Draper has made an immense contribution in the field.

Tim’s Draper University now provides a free course to crypto enthusiasts on Bitcoin whereas Adam’s Boost VC is an incubator-fund that specifically make investments in virtual reality and blockchain technology. While discussing the biggest problem in the blockchain market Adam stated that it is at present delivering true value to the usability of products and the end consumer.

Tim Draper, on the other hand, said that blockchain technology needs to mature to ensure that all its creativity bears the expected fruits. The senior Draper stated that he is looking forward to a situation when funding companies in Bitcoin will be possible that also pay and supply bitcoin with the accounting automatically executed on blockchain platform.

Tim wants Bitcoin to dissolve geographic borders in the world and increased reach of blockchain info can definitely make it possible. And for that, Tim is eager to start paying his bills in BTC and all his contracts transformed into smart contracts, said Forbes. The son and father duo also discussed features of the blockchain landscape in 2022.

According to Adam by 2022 no one will address the technology as blockchain or crypto as it will be integrated into all the technologies. Tim, on the other hand, predicted that the BTC value will spike to $250,000 in 2022 while the products like blockchain, Bitcoin, and smart contracts will make all the businesses much easier. Tim believes that in the upcoming four years the technology will undergo a major shift.

Both Adam and Tim have huge faith in crypto and blockchain technology. That is why Adam started a Boost VC that explores applications of cryptocurrency, VR/AR, the blockchain, space, artificial intelligence (AI), bots, and drones. Boost VC until now has funded more than 200 companies and also helped many to launch some cool projects, said Coincentral.

While discussing blockchain Adam revealed some valid info about the technology saying that it is going to accelerate VR substantially. He believes that all the four technologies including VR/AR, the blockchain, AI and robotics are cross-pollinating and experiencing massive growth very rapidly.

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