About 90 percent of active U.S. blockchain companies will ultimately be abandoned. This statistic comes from a study by Forrester Research on July 31.

The U.S. market research firm, Forrester Research, expects that most blockchain-powered projects started by American companies will be put on hold in 2018. Forrester Research predicts that in a huge 90 percent of cases, the projects will never become a part of the company’s procedures.

The researcher also stated that a lot of companies that are looking to include blockchain technology in their companies are withdrawing and reducing their ambitions currently.

According to Ron Resnick, the first Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), claimed that blockchain technology development in 2019 could experience a rising trend because companies are still testing the water.

He further added that increasing trend of blockchain applications would not be compared with well-known technology giants like Google, Amazon or Facebook, as these companies are already established when it comes to blockchain technology.

For a big band of companies, blockchain remains an interesting thing as only 1 percent of chief information officers stated that they had a kind of blockchain adoption in their organizations, and only 9 percent mentioned that they were in short-term planning or active experimentation with the technology. Nearly 80 percent of CIOs stated that they had no interest in the blockchain technology.

There’s no question that blockchain technology has a huge potential. As per the news published on Bitcoin Exchange, the blockchain technology is creating a huge interest across a wide range of industries. As the field of applications for blockchains is growing tremendously, many industry leaders are modifying and adapting the technology to fit all the uses particularly. Many companies have also chosen blockchain technology to maintain public records on a decentralized data of organizational context.

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