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70 Farms To Trace 2,00,000 Turkeys Through Cargill’s Blockchain Turkey Program

Around 70 farms will trace 2, 00,000 Turkeys through the blockchain turkey program of Cargill as the company begins its expansion. The program will enable thousands of consumers to track down their birds to their respective family farm where the farmers raised them. The company ran a pilot on four turkey producers last year.

According to the Honeysuckle White bird manager, Kassie long, “We launched this program as a pilot in 2017 and are expanding it this year to meet the increased consumer demand for farm to fork transparency. Now, more consumers can get to know the farmers that raised their turkeys and enjoy a family-farm raised turkey this holiday season.” Long stated that it is quite exciting for her to provide more consumers an inside look of the family farms where the farmers are raising their turkeys.

Cargill stated that this blockchain solution is expected to bring greater transparency to the way consumers purchase their foods. The pilot program was extremely successful last year which is why Cargill decided to extend it this year at the time of Thanksgiving in the United States.

The blockchain turkey program allows the consumers to trace their turkey by sending a simple text message or by entering an on-package code at the company’s official website. The message allows the consumers to track down the location of the farm, its state and county as well as view the story of the family farm, see pictures of the farm and also read the message from the producer, reported Poultry World.

Cargill took this step after it found out the importance of transparency in making a food choice. For that, the multinational company worked closely with the consumers. According to a 2017 survey, 88 percent of consumers are of the belief that brands should become more transparent in their food production whereas four fifth consumers stated that Thanksgiving bird must come from family farms.

Honeysuckle White turkeys will become available through the blockchain turkey program by Thanksgiving 2018 in around 3,500 retail stores located across markets in the U.S including Nashville, Denver, and Seattle and also across Midwest reported Block Tribune.

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