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Investing In Pre-construction Real Estate: 10 Things You Must Know

Pre-construction real estate is nothing new as most people have been investing in this scheme for decades. It gives the buyer an opportunity to invest their money in a property which is not built yet. Investing in pre-construction real estate can prove to be worthwhile as it has the potential to derive the potential investment returns in the remote future.

Mentioned below are 10 things to know before investing in pre-construction real estate:

Study Your Plan


Study your pre-construction real estate project plan before heading towards the actual investment process. By studying every pros and con, you are able to gain the major benefits in the long-run. 

Contact Pre-construction Brokerage


Seek a real estate brokerage who is specialized in the pre-construction real estate. A quality brokerage gives you better advice and ensures you invest with the right builder. Plus, you can get benefit from his own network of agents, vendors and lenders.

Research the Builder’s Past Project


If the builder has a few delay-projects in his past, then he is likely to make the same mistake in the upcoming projects. Find a builder who sticks to his words sans wasting much time will help you gain more profit.

Budget Planning


Budget planning helps you to assess what you can afford and set as early as possible. A good project budget is formed with similar projects comparison, assessment of the available funds and pre-design analysis of requirements.

Know Your Model Suites


A builder can represent model suites in the best way to lure your interest. It could not be the absolute what they are showing, you have to get through the detail information before believing on them

Ready For Changes


A builder can bring a few changes to pre-construction project like adding and subtracting floors, changing layouts and moving the locations of the amenities. Be ready for changes and face it properly.

Do Your Research


Before jumping into your pre-construction condominium ownership, you should be well prepared to tackle its underlying challenges. A lot of research can help minimize associated risks factors.

Ask For Price Minimization


A builder can lower the price during a promotional event. It doesn’t always happen because it depends upon the market and popularity of the pre-construction real estate project development. You can ask for price minimization. 



Every buyer has to pay tax on their pre-construction condominium. Taxation could be implemented on new appliances, utility connection fees, legal fees and title insurance.

Understand the Contract


Make sure to read and understand the whole contract before dealing with the builder. Additional costs along with payment plan could give you a clear picture of your Pre-constructional real estate journey.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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