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Passive Income: 10 Things To Do To Earn It Through Internet

With the increasing market value of basic necessities and commodities, it is not a bad idea to make some passive income. There are ways to get started and earn some regular passive income. It does seem little tedious in the beginning but here are 10 things that you can begin with;

Start A Blog

Make your blog


Choose the genre of your blog, give it a catchy name, get a domain for your blog and a hosting provider. Derive a strategy for your blog content development. Through your blog’s reach, you can earn from affiliation, advertisement and events. 

Create A YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel


YouTube works as a great platform to earn a passive income if you have a good quality content. Content could be anything ranging from news, educational, informative or entertaining. YouTube ads click to give you good income apart from views and subscriptions. 

Create An Online Course Or Guide

Upload online courses


Passionate enough for teaching and if you know the ‘How to’ of things, create an online guide of your knowledge bank and upload or share it on various platforms which are ready to pay you for the knowledge you impart. 

Get Online Cashback

Get cashback on online payments.


Many online websites give you rebates in the form of cashback. When you browse, shop or even click you get rebates ranging from 1% to 25%. Rebates can be redeemed through vouchers, gift cards, Paypal or Paytm. 

Photography Based Income

Passive income from photography

Pexels/Markus Spiske temporausch.com

Photography based income has been rising in the last decade due to various reasons like content development, advertisement, marketing, etc. Photographers can earn a passive income by uploading their photos on websites such as Shutterstock, Pixabay, Pexels, Flickr, Wiki pages, etc where you get earning based on cost per click.

Affiliate Marketing

become a affiliate marketer


Affiliate marketing can take around 2-3 years to give you a profitable income but if you manage to show patience it is one of the great tools to give you a substantial income. You can start affiliating initially from popular websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc 

Rent Your Car

Give your car on rent


Car value gets depreciated as soon as it gets on the road from the showroom. In fact, a car is the biggest liability and can be stated as a white elephant for those who have minimal use. For a passive income to be generated put your liabilities on rent for those who need them and make it an asset for them as well as yourself. Many website and giant companies will do it happily for you.

Rent A Space

Rent the empty space or room


Rent your unused apartment or a part of your apartment for those who need it and generate a monthly income through it. It’s an easy and direct way of making your liabilities an asset and you can start it from renting out to known people.

Invest In High Dividend Stocks

Invest in dividend stocks


Stock markets can be a huge market for investing and making profits not only in terms of margin and speculation but also in terms of stocks who pay you huge dividends when in scaling in profits.

Participate In Online Surveys

Try filling online surveys


There are survey platforms available which give you rewards in the form of points that you can later exchange for real-world cash. Investing a little amount of time daily will surely not waste your efforts. You can earn passively through various referral programs organized by these platforms

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