ICO Review: CoinMarketApp Offers Insights

ICO Review: CoinMarketApp Gives Meaningful Insight To ICO, Digital Currency

In this latest ICO review, seasoned investors, as well as, the uninitiated will get a fair idea about how an app called CoinMarketApp can...



Facebook Cryptocurrency Policy: What’s Allowed And What’s Not

Facebook has recently banned ads that promote cryptocurrency related services. According to the social media giant, any financial products and services that are associated...



Cryptocurrency in India

Indian Government Plans To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

The Indian government is allegedly taking a U-turn on the cryptocurrency debate and probably has come on the other side. After opposing the digital...
Cryptocurrency in India

Indian Law Committee Considers Cryptocurrency As Payment Mode

Cryptocurrency has finally found its place in the Indian market or in other words it just got a lifeline. The law commission of India...
Kotak Mahindra is going to Integrate with Ripple’s xCurrent.

Kotak Mahindra To Integrate With Ripple’s xCurrent

One of the biggest banks in India, Kotak Mahindra, has announced its collaboration with a subsidiary of Ripple, a blockchain-enabled cross-border payment remittance system,...
Blockchain news and jobs update in India

Latest Blockchain News & Job Trends Of The Industry

The latest blockchain news is all about the projects coming and the huge dearth of skilled developers of the domain. This is a relatively...
XRP Cryptocurrency Investments in India

Indian Government Employee Made $7000 From XRP Cryptocurrency Investment

XRP cryptocurrency and other digital coins have made a significant impact on the lives of investors with their meteoric rise over the time in...
International Blockchain Congress in India

International Blockchain Congress Promote Crypto Expertise In India

International Blockchain Congress in India is getting a wonderful response from all over the world. This is the first kind of congregation in the...


New Petro Cryptocurrency Sanctioned For Venezuela Remains On hold

The new Petro cryptocurrency, an all-new state-sanctioned form of digital currency produced by the Venezuelan government to combat its superfluous inflation problem, seems to...

Digital Blockchain Innovation Streamlines Banking Efforts

The digital blockchain innovation in the field of banking is now helping to streamline all the work and making it easier for the bankers...



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